Frames & Eyeglass Lenses

D’Luxe Optical offers a wide range of designer, name brand, prescription and sunglass frames for men, women and children.  Our opticians can help you make the best choice on the basis of your optical requirements, face shape, skin tone and lifestyle.  The combination of the correct lens tenchnology and frame selection is critical in achieving the optimal visual acuity and comfort.

In an effort to maximize profits and simplify their production process, large chain stores are often limited to a narrow selection of frames and especially lenses.  Unfortunately, this often does not provide the customer with the best available options considering the many lens and frame technologies available today.  At D’Luxe Optical, we are not limited by such constraints.  As experienced independent opticians, we are able to provide each individual with the specific lens and frame options most suitable for their needs.  For over 35 years, we have been doing just that!

Some of our top-selling brands are: